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<h2>What to Look for When Buying a Used Car, Used Truck, Or Used SUV</h2>
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<h4><a href="#Interior-and-Exterior"><li>Interior ane Exterior Condition:</li></a></h4>
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<h3 id="age">Age, Miles, and Other Considerations</h3>
<p>There are a ton of things to consider when shopping for a used vehicle. Age, Miles, and a few other key points are a good place to start so that you can manage your expectations properly. I would never suggest, nor would I myself, settle on paying too much for a turd. That being said, when shopping for Older Higher Mileage Vehicles, it's important to remember they are not brand new. They have been used through their lives and most likely will show some wear and tear, or signs of use. Some vehicles are used harder than others and depending on where you live, snow and salt can play a role too. There is nothing wrong with a few dings and scratches for the right price. Most dealerships will price their vehicles based on NADA Bluebook values as well as condition. Make sure you know the value of a vehicle before stepping in for negotiations to make sure you get a great deal.</p>
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<h3 id="Interior-and-Exterior">Interior and Exterior Condition</h3>
<p>A quick look around the interior and exterior of a used vehicle can tell you quite a bit if you know what you're looking for. Older vehicles that are very well kept can still show signs of wear and tear. Ripped and repaired seats, Power seats that don't work, broken heater vents, worn buttons. All these things are easily repaired. Typically, if the dealership hasn't fixed them yet, they'll be willing to put it in writing, and make sure you get it in writing! When it comes to the exterior, Trucks with dings in the bed or on the bed rails are not uncommon at all. Typically if the vehicle seems like its priced a bit cheaper than anything similar you're looking at, its because the dealer has priced it for its condition. Rust is something else to be mindful of. New cars with lower miles definitely shouldn't be showing signs of corrosion. Older Higher Mileage Vehicles, especially in snowy areas where salting is common, isn't uncommon. The major spots to be on the look out are the cab corners. </p>
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<h3 id="Engine-Bay">Engine Bay</h3>
<p> Pop the hood and take a look underneith. Some people know more than others when it comes to the workings of an engine, however, there are a few key redflags you can keep a look out for. Take a look at the engine itself. Is it reletively clean? Or is the engine caked with a thick layer of grease and oil? are the hose ends and metal lines rusted through and ready to break at any moment? Are there any loud unfamiliar sounds coming from the engine while it is running? These are just a few examples of different warning signs to watch out for. If you're unsure most Auto Service shops will do an inspection for a small fee to give you a little piece of mind!</p>
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<h3 id="Test-Drive">Test Drive</h3>
<p>Once you have done a little bit of looking around and have an idea of what vehicles are going to work best for your needs and budget, it is time to get in a couple and start driving. A test drive is key for a few different reasons. The first reason is you get to feel the vehicle and answer some of your questions. How is the ride quality? Is there enough space? How does the engine sound? Does it shift correctly? There will always be vehicles that fit your needs, but just don't feel right. The best route is to get in some cars and find something you love!</p>
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<center><a href="https://www.automaxofgr.com/directions">Schedule a Test Drive</a></center>
<h3 id="Carfax-Report">Carfax Report</h3>
<p> Vehicle history reports are very important. They give you a look at the vehicle's life and exactly what you're getting yourself into. There are many key aspects and parts of a Carfax report. Service history, Accident Reports, Title status, Odometer issues, Lemon Law cars, and much more. Not all service shops report data to carfax, so keep that in mind when looking for service history. Not all damages are caused by an accident, and not all odometer issues are the result of a roll-back. Be sure to ask questions, and when in doubt, have it checked over by a professional to verify any claims made by a salesman. There are many key aspects and parts of a Carfax report.</p>
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<h3 id="age"> Research Average Cost of Ownership</h3>
<p> With your budget, needs, and expectations in mind, it is also important to know exactly how much you should expect to spend to maintain the vehicle you're purchasing. Every used car, truck, and SUV requires a little different maintenance routine and different parts that have different build quality. Factor those things in with typical fuel economy and depending on what you're looking for, it could add up very quickly. </p>
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<h3 id="Does-it-have-a-warranty"> Does it have a Warranty?</h3>
<p> Lastly, but far from least, does the vehicle you're looking at have a warranty. There are a multitude of extended warranty options out there to purchase, but does the seller have enough faith in what they're selling to put their own warranty on the vehicle? Most car lots will sell their cars "As-Is" and if you want a warranty, you'll have to pony up the bucks and pay for it. There are however, a few lots out there that will put some variation of a limited warranty on their used vehicles. Typically a 3month/3000mile 50/50 warranty that covers the powertrain. Its not much, but hey, they are used cars after all, and its far better than the "No Warranty" most dealerships offer. At the end of the day they're all machines, and they will all need work or maintinance at some point. No one has a majic crytal ball that looks into the future, but if your dealer has a limited warranty on a used car they're selling, chances are they've at least had everything checked out.</p>
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<p0><center></center> That just covers a few of the main points of what to look for when shopping for a used car. Hopefully this helps you in your journey! Have more questions? Or did we miss something, or if you have a topic you would like more info on send us a message and let us know! </center></br>
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